Q. How do I drink the SLUSH PUPPiE®?

A. Squeeze the product for 30 seconds, un-screw the top, and drink from spout.


Q. My SLUSH PUPPiE® is frozen solid what do I do?

A. Simply run over warm water for 1-2 minutes or let sit out on the counter   for 2-3 mins and squeeze to enjoy a delicious slushy.


Q. Can I microwave my SLUSH PUPPiE® to defrost?

A. No. The pouch material is not made to be microwaved.


Q. Can I re-seal my SLUSH PUPPiE® to drink at a later date if I already opened it?

A. Yes you can! You’re Welcome!


Q. Where can I Purchase SLUSH PUPPiE® Pouches?

A. Please email us at info@bigeasyblends.com for locations.